A Brief Statement Defending Glenn’s Lieutenant Governor, We Guess

February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Today, Spirit of America released their mandatory, tepid defense of Glenn’s favorite Lieutenant Governor:

“Just three days after declaring Friday ‘Winsome Earle-Sears Day’ in the Commonwealth, Glenn’s Lieutenant Governor misgendered Senator Danica Roem on the floor of the Senate, and we guess that’s a thing we have to defend now. 

Sears refused to apologize, and we suppose this is the part in our statement where we say something about the Lt. Governor refusing to be ‘silenced by the woke agenda’ or some other series of buzzwords that’ll get Glenn’s base riled up and get those donations flowing in.

And while there’s an entire state budget to finalize and critical legislation to pass, we imagine Glenn would want us to say something about how his favorite Lt. Governor’s indefensible remark, followed by her petulant reaction, is somehow a better way to spend time and taxpayer dollars.

And maybe something about cake pops, since that seems to be where he’s focused these days

Should we use the phrase ‘moral crusade?’ Meh. We’re just so tired.

When the Lt. Governor did speak again, Sears complained that she was the real victim here, positing that disrespecting and marginalizing a duly elected member of the Senate in no way compares to the ultimate tragedy of being asked to apologize.

So it falls to us, as Glenn’s biggest fans, to somehow make this look like a righteous stance taken by a public servant instead of, ya know, what it actually is. 

So yeah. We are somberly enthusiastic in our defense of Lt. Governor Sears. Good lord…”