Abortion Access, Healthcare for Kids, and Other Popular Policies Glenn’s Friends Courageously Voted Against

February 22, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Last week, Youngkin-endorsed Republicans in the House of Delegates and the State Senate rushed to cast their final votes in time for crossover, eager to make their voices heard and desperate to curb the rights of everyday Virginians who keep complaining about their basic needs but don’t know just how good they have it.

“You could assume that Virginians sent a clear message in November that they wanted their elected officials to embrace common sense solutions and protect things like abortion care, workers, and children,” a high-dollar Youngkin donor was quoted as saying. “But that’s not what voters want at all. They want their officials to lean all the way in on this far-right gravy train.”

It’s no wonder why Glenn just marched in the Family Foundation’s anti-abortion rally yesterday at the State Capitol: he wants his donors, legislators, and the party he leads here in Virginia to know exactly where he stands, which is why so many Republicans voted against:

  • Increasing the minimum wage (HB1)
  • Protecting abortion providers from retaliation (HB519
  • Protecting the right to contraception (HB609)
  • Shielding access to menstrual health data (HB78, SB16)
  • Protecting LGBTQ+ students from bullying (HB536)
  • Providing all children with healthcare coverage (SB231)

“Many pundits may call these votes ‘out of touch’ or ‘far too extreme,’ but really, it’s just further proof that Glenn’s GOP pals in the General Assembly know what the people of Virginia want even better than the people of Virginia do,” the same donor was quoted as saying, before walking down a red carpet to board a private jet.

Glenn couldn’t be reached for comment, although an anonymous staffer whispered that the Governor was busy meeting with CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment Ted Leonsis for the twentieth time this week.

“He’s really focused on this sports complex deal,” the staffer said, ducking below his desk. “But don’t worry! He’s let it be known that he’s all in favor of his party’s extremist votes. He just doesn’t want to be bothered until it’s time to actually sign something.”