Celebrating Glenn’s Budget Amendments Defunding Education, Reproductive Care, Other Irrelevant Issues

April 11, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – The Spirit of America released the following statement today, congratulating Glenn on his 233 common ground budget amendments, which cut spending on things very few Virginians care about, like K-12 education and reproductive healthcare access:

“Wow! What a bold series of budget amendments proposed by Governor Glenn. After weeks of attacking, smearing and spewing bile at Democrats on his special state-wide tour, kudos to Glenn for the generous, bipartisan message accompanying his new slew of funding cuts.

That bipartisanship doesn’t extend to the actual budget, of course, but Glenn knows what’s best for the people of the Commonwealth. That’s why his amendments infringe on low-income Virginians’ fundamental right to make decisions about their health and family, slash state support for public schools by $635 million over the next two years, stop Virginia from reentering the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, cut investments in community safety, protects wealthy tax cheats, and other steps that seek to find common ground. 

…Not with Democrats, you understand, but with the extremists who make up our brave new Republican Party.

You see, Glenn needs to make sure he protects these unpopular policies to satisfy his fair-weather MAGA friends. How else can he successfully run for Senate in a few years?”