Just Trust Us: Glenn’s Done Great Things for Education

May 6, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Spirit of America released the following statement regarding a recent article that proclaimed “Glenn Youngkin’s biggest legacy could be his impact on education.” But while the article itself is long, boring, and full of unfair facts, we suggest you read our statement instead:

“The woke mind virus has departed just long enough to allow this beautiful headline to grace our screens! And it’s true, education will be Glenn’s biggest legacy (until something goes wrong and he rightly blames some previous Democratic administration). 

Here are a few of the big ed wins Glenn has tallied up over his time in office:

Whew! Are Virginians tired of winning yet? There’s also the courageous position Glenn took recently when he endorsed the tear gassing of college kids. But since Glenn is on an all expenses paid vacation to Europe, thankfully none of those shouts of pain will reach his delicate ears.

There you have it, folks! Glenn is a successful champion of public education in Virginia, and we won’t let facts or data change our mind.”