Spirit of America Releases Statement in Support of Glenn’s Statement

March 11, 2024

March 11, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Today, Spirit of America released a strongly-worded statement to show support for Glenn Youngkin’s strongly-worded statement, which appeared in a recent email he sent to his PAC

“It’s clear that the sports arena wasn’t included in the budget because Sen. Louise Lucas hates fun and billionaire vanity projects. And while we know Glenn could have used his email to address budgetary issues like education or healthcare, he wanted Virginians to know that he stood up for what really matters. Namely, their ability to subsidize a $2 billion boondoggle. 

Glenn shook Ted Leonsis’ hand and everything, and now you go and embarrass him like this!

Glenn also rightly criticized Democrats for failing to come together around a budget in the same bipartisan manner they did last year. Remember? That was the budget Glenn begrudgingly signed after his courageous fight to protect the interests of the wealthiest Virginians and largest corporations failed

Finally, Glenn correctly attacked those meanies in the General Assembly for not adopting his bold tax plan, which would have increased the tax burden on lower-income families while benefitting high-income earners. While Glenn’s original proposal might not look good on paper, under analysis, or in real life, we know that it’s the valiant investors and hedge fund heroes who make sure that a dollop or two of that wealth trickles right on down. 

Glenn calls the new budget proposal ‘backwards,’ and he’s right! What’s the deal with giving tax relief to people who can’t turn around and write a big fat check to your PAC? 

We at Spirit of America are proud of our statement in support of Glenn’s statement, and we can’t wait for his next impromptu press conference on Capitol Square. Glenn does his best work when he’s defending billionaires.”