Spirit of America Releases Statement Rejecting Budget They Haven’t Seen Yet

February 16, 2024

February 16, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Spirit of America, a group inspired by Governor Glenn Youngkin’s “aw shucks” extremism, released the following statement decrying the House and Senate budget proposals, which won’t be released until Sunday and which the group proudly acknowledges they haven’t seen:

“Today, we unequivocally reject the budget proposals developed by the House and Senate. 

We haven’t seen either one, we don’t have a clue what’s in them, we haven’t really asked around, and chances are, there might be a few things in them we actually like. But to keep donors happy, to satisfy Glenn’s base, and to potentially set him up for a future shot at national Republican politics, we’ve really gotta come out against this one hard. 

We can’t be seen endorsing lifesaving access to abortion, curbing gun violence, making big investments in public education or increasing taxes on the wealthy. That just won’t fly and it’ll make Glenn look, like, really bad. So instead, we’re calling for a big, beautiful sports complex that’s unpopular with residents and subsidized by taxpayers. 

That seems to be where all of Glenn’s focus is these days anyway, and we exist to back him 100%. So don’t you fret about all those other issues. Glenn has a national profile to uphold and billionaire buddies to please.”