Spirit of America Releases Statement on Glenn’s Slate of Retribution-Free Vetoes

April 2, 2024

April 2, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Spirit of America released a congratulatory statement celebrating Glenn Youngkin’s latest slate of vetoes, which lack any hint of retribution after the failed arena deal and in no way represent extremist reactions to common sense policies. 

“We know that Glenn only vetoed the most radical and unnecessary bills that crossed his desk, and we applaud his statesman-like restraint. That’s why he was forced to take the following, thoughtful steps. Showing true leadership, Glenn:

Democrats don’t get it. People across the Commonwealth aren’t looking for more pay or safer communities. They’re not interested in economic growth or a reduction in gun violence. They want a Governor who will stand in the way of progress, incite fear if it benefits him politically, and use his veto pen to defeat legislation that continues to have broad support. 

That’s true leadership.

And so what if a bunch of these vetoes were announced right after his billionaire buddy’s sports arena was defeated? We always knew Glenn would make the right call. Whether it’s retribution or extremism, we can count on Glenn to do what’s best for his wealthy pals, high-dollar donors, hedge fund friends, and large corporations. Basically, whatever gets him on FOX News next week.

It’s why he has our support, and why we’re promised a good seat at the next Super PAC fundraiser.”