Spirit of America’s Statement Praising Glenn’s Completely Reasonable Veto of Bills Protecting Birth Control Access

May 23, 2024

RICHMOND, VA – Spirit of America, the only organization that continues to advocate for a Youngkin presidency even after his hopes were unfairly dashed last year, today released a statement regarding Glenn’s recent vetoes of HB609 and SB237

our thoughtful, common-ground statement can be found below:

“Stop being so worried about contraception, ladies! Glenn correctly pointed out that access to birth control is already protected thanks to the Supreme Court, and since when have the justices ever overturned years of precedent to deny longstanding rights to people? 

Give us a break. 

Glenn said he supports access to birth control, he just wasn’t sure about signing a law to protect it. He’s a businessman after all, so he’s always extra careful when he puts his name on something. It can come back to bite you, especially if you want to run for office in the future. 

Besides, It’s not like advocates, politicians, and sitting members of the Supreme Court are looking to dismantle federal protections for birth control that have been in place since 1965.

What liberal rag told you that? And before you answer, it doesn’t count if you use people’s own words against them. That’s a classic Democratic tactic that won’t be falling for.

So throw around the word ‘extremism’ all you want. Here at Spirit of America, we know that Glenn just avoided a politically-damaging decision and kept the MAGA-wing of the Grand Old Party happy in the process.

Do these vetoes come at the expense of women’s health? Eh, who’s to say? Don’t be so hysterical.”