The Definitive Guide to Glenn’s (Not So) Commonsense Agenda

October 27, 2023

With General Assembly elections right around the corner and after months of discussing his “commonsense” policies at rallies, fundraisers, and with different Fox News hosts, Glenn has released the definitive guide to his agenda, none of which are particularly common sense, effective, or helpful.

But boy do they sound good!

“From putting women’s lives at risk to attacking students and teachers, from fighting for big business at the expense of everyday Virginians to infringing voting rights weeks before a critical election, Glenn has everything it takes to usher in a new era of Virginia-led extremism,” an anonymous staffer said, smiling gleefully. “All he has to do is say ‘common sense’ over and over in a pleasant voice and his ideas start to sound normal.”

And who doesn’t love that soothing, Carlyle-trained voice repeating such damaging rhetoric? We here at Spirit of America just can’t get enough!